We commercialize food with regenerative power. This means that every product we distribute has been chosen for its ability to improve the health and quality of life of the consumer, regenerate the environment where it is produced and bring prosperity to its producers.

Fresh, pesticide-free food

From Monday to Saturday we receive freshly harvested produce and deliver it to homes throughout the GAM. We only distribute products from certified organic farms or farms that offer transparency and commitment to the non-use of pesticides and environmental regeneration.

Unique handcrafted products

We choose products with minimal processing, developed by local artists, preferably using pesticide-free ingredients, in artisanal processes where no harmful additives or excessive packaging are added. The result: extraordinary, authentic and healthy experiences.

Products from sustainable farms

For consumers of animal-based foods, we have chosen products from farms with environmentally conscious and sustainable production systems. For eggs, chicken, dairy and meats, we choose animals managed on pasture, with pesticide-free soils and pastures, and antibiotic- and hormone-free management. In the case of seafood, we choose products from organic, sustainable and artisanal fisheries.

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